To better know me, here are some things you might want to know.

1. In my high school senior polls, I was nominated "Most Likely to Trip at Graduation". What does this say about my personality? That I'm quirky and a bit of a klutz. Did I trip? Not even a little bit.

2. My first short story was about a married crime-fighting super spider couple that ate fried fly legs for breakfast each morning. I still have it. My first full-length feature novel was about a girl named after the actress Sissy Spacek who runs away to London.

3. In my spare time, I enjoy binge-watching Netflix - I've seen almost every original Netflix series - reading, making popcorn, spending time with friends and family, traveling, procrastinating (this is where that whole Netflix thing comes into play) and daydreaming about the epic novel I will one day write and the many adventures I have yet to go on but certainly will.