Since I could, I've been writing. It started with learning how to write my name and quickly escalated to scribbling "Caroline" on every surface I could find: walls, tables, chairs, phone books, appliances, you name it.

Now that I'm older and wiser, I've traded in my crayons for pens, my parent's old typewriter for a laptop (although I'll always prefer the feeling of a notebook beneath my hands). I've worked in publishing, advertising, events planning and coordination, politics, and broadcast, and am always the first to volunteer to edit a friend's work. I live and breathe the written word and will not shy away from capturing the unique voice of any client I work on, no matter how challenging it may be.


While my professional background is in crafting tailored content for clients in advertising, marketing, and public relations, my heart and passion lies in creative writing. As part of my passion for creative writing, I became involved with a local literary start-up based in Milwaukee - Rust - of which I occasionally write pieces for, and can be viewed below. I also write on and my writing can be viewed via the "Blog" tab or here.



Whether it’s social for an eyebrow threading boutique, non-profit organization, or Greek yogurt brand, I've done it all.


How do you make an insurance case study sound inviting in layman's terms? As part of my work with a former insurance client, I assisted in writing a series of sponsored content articles for a local business publication. These include: